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Communication networks today are becoming increasingly complex and the demand for bandwidth is at an all time high. To meet this demand, companies must return to the basics and build and maintain a Category 5 or 6 structured cabling infrastructure that can bear the brunt of the additional bandwidth. The supporting infrastructure of any network is the physical layer. Without the proper cabling, there is no foundation and without the proper installation, your network will most likely fail. The first step toward a sound structured cabling infrastructure is hiring a company that has the knowledge, expertise and flexibility to build one. Whether it’s installing and designing a cabling infrastructure in a newly constructed building or redesigning a cabling closet for easy access and to comply with fire codes - Integrated Cabling Solutions (ICS) has the expertise, experience and manpower to get the job done.

ICS, a subsidiary of Alliant Technologies, is an IT infrastructure cabling company that designs, installs and manages the physical layer infrastructure for organizations throughout the Northeast and beyond including cabling of voice, data and other low voltage systems, fiber optic installations and data center build-outs. ICS provides services from initial consultancy and design to installation and ongoing maintenance of complex data and voice networks. We also provide expert installation methodologies, project management and project integrity for all our clients.

ICS is aligned with the industry leading manufacturers thus providing our clients best-in-class cabling products. For each project, ICS thoroughly tests that all installations are built to code and documented thoroughly - all backed by the manufacturer's warranties. Our project management team also provides the assurance that every cabling project is methodically planned and optimized for easy administration of adds, moves and changes, post-installation/fit-up work or for build-outs of large complex data centers.

ICS is competitive in both non-union and union projects. Our technicians are highly qualified and certified through our manufacturers and are members of: Local IBEW 102, 400, 164 and 351 in NJ, Local 363 in NY, and Local 103 in Boston . Most importantly, our technicians pride themselves in being courteous, professional and knowledgeable of the most current practices for installations.

ICS – Cabling Your Network's Future.
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