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Security Device Installation

ICS provides physical access control systems for businesses that need to protect assets and personnel. Security zones around data centers or other sensitive areas can be outfitted with card readers, security cameras or biometric scanning devices to deter unauthorized intruders.

Alliant Technologies, in conjunction with ICS, specializes in integrating physical security solutions with logical security systems – our expertise in Information Security, Network Engineering and Systems means that physical security devices stay in synch with employee and contractor databases. Our integrated control systems provide customized alarm responses in the event of a breach, from automated email notifications, to siren activation. ICS installs the wiring and coaxial cables necessary to connect physical security devices to your LAN and WAN infrastructure.

Access Control
For clients interested in multi-factor authentication, ICS designs and installs biometric and smart card scanning systems.

Biometric Scanning
ICS can support handprint, fingerprint or iris scanning systems for personnel access control.

Smart Card Scanning
ICS installs smart card readers to support cards from RSA Security, whether swipe style or proximity-based cards. Smart cards provide the convenience of a photo badge that combines physical and logical credentials in one device.

Video Security
For visual access control and identity verification, ICS provides networked camera systems, linked to your security operations center.

ICS bridges the gap between the facilities department and the IT organization, providing a more secure environment.

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