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Wireless Deployment

The deployment of Wireless LANs (WLANs) in the enterprise has been driven by the need for always-on, always-connected computing, and increased employee collaboration. Most firms use WLANs as an extension of their wired Ethernet backbone, to allow wireless access to business applications from conference rooms, common areas, and guest cubicles. Alternatively, companies use wireless LANs as the sole access method for hard-to-wire spaces such as factory floors, outdoor loading docks, and warehouses.

ICS deploys enterprise-class Wi-Fi 802.11 wireless LANs using Cisco's Integrated Wireless Network platform. Cisco's unified wireless architecture provides centralized configuration and management of distributed Wireless Access Points (WAPs), and can even support outdoor, wide-area wireless networking via its Wireless Mesh Network solution.

Wireless Networks
The initial step in a WLAN deployment is an RF (Radio Frequency) Survey. ICS technicians look for physical barriers to signal strength (such as steel pillars, cement walls, water, or heavily populated areas), and channel interference from outside networks. Once the environment is mapped, ICS plans for seamless roaming throughout the facility, and determines WAP placement based on signal strength, power outlet availability and distance to the nearest Ethernet LAN switch.  ICS also provides outdoor wireless bridging solutions for remote campuses or nearby stand-alone buildings, including tower installations.

Wireless LAN Security
One of the most important concerns for IT managers deploying wireless LANs is security. Wireless signals cannot be conformed to stay within your office walls, and open wireless networks invite unintended visitors to utilize private facilities or interfere with important assets. Alliant Technologies' engineers in conjunction with ICS technicians will  configure your WLAN with authentication requirements for all access requests, and traffic encryption to protect your wireless LAN traffic.  ICS' Wireless LAN Deployment service provides a secure mobility platform within your organization, fully integrated with your wired infrastructure.

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